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Do you always want to get invited for an interview when you have sent your C.V.?

This practical and interactive workshop raises your chances dramatically.

What do employers want to read in a C.V.?
How do you target your C.V. to the employment advertisement?

And you will learn:

  • The basic principles for a good C.V.

  • Different C.V.’s used in the Netherlands

  • How to promote your achievements

  • How to write a good cover letter

  • And much more practical info.

    >> Powerful C.V.’s get you interviews. Interviews get you jobs. >>

CV writing

Preparation for an interview is the key to success.

In this workshop you will learn how to present yourself in a job interview and you will be shown techniques to feel confident during your interview.

Thorough practice in the:

  • STAR answering approach

  • Identification of your achievements and relevance to the job

  • Do’s and don’ts during the interview

  • Some possible Dutch interview questions

>> With being positive and pro-active you leave an impression. Good practice for any personal presentation of yourself. >>

Interview skills
Stress management

This is a practical and interactive workshop for everybody who experiences negative stress and who likes to reduce it.

During the three hour workshop we will focus on: 

  • how to recognize and identify (underlying) causes of stress

  • raising awareness on how you respond to stress

  • exploring a range of stress management techniques and strategies

  • to help you manage stress more effectively.

  • We will cover the psychological, environmental and biological aspects of stress.

    The session includes some relaxation and breathing techniques which you can use in your daily busy life.

Career assessment

This is an interactive workshop full of self-assessment exercises to optimize your career path.

It includes introspective activities

  • that will enable you to consider your interests, abilities and values

  • to find out what your energy givers and drainers are

  • to realize what makes you effective (or not)

  • to raise awareness of your desired objectives

  • individual and group based discussions

  • The outcome will help you in the decision making process of steps to take and to become highly influential in your (new) career planning.

Cultural awareness

Cultural Awareness is the ability of standing back from ourselves and becoming aware of our and other cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. 

This workshop is very interesting for people who are living in international environments. Either at home or at work.

Awareness of different backgrounds of individuals is key to a satisfactory cooperation.

This workshop entails:

  • What is culture?

  • Why do we do what we do?

  • Why does culture shock happen?

  • Degrees of cultural awareness

  • How can we be prepared?

  • How can we be better international communicators?

Interactive elements:

  • Getting to know (each) other perspectives

  • Discussing the 5 dimensions of G. Hofstede

  • Practical cases

>> When you prefer to communicate harmoniously with people from another nationality. >>

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