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Coaching style

Irene’s style of coaching and training is based on the belief that you only can make changes if the need for change comes from within yourself. When you are ready for it.

Irene's style can be called INTUITIVE, as she uses all her well developed senses and experience at the same time to get to the core of the matter. 

When you become aware of how you do things and why you do things, you are more able to make a change in your behaviour and change patterns. Becoming self aware and being able to feel what is happening in certain situations is key. Only when you see the benefit yourself, step by step you can make your life more balanced and more complete. Then you will put energy in doing something different. In this case the change will be more successful and long term.

The coaching approach is solution focussed. This means that most focus is on how are you now and how you can reach your goal. We look more forward than backward.

By asking you many questions, taking time to getting to know yourself, you will become more self-aware.  What serves you and what doesn't?

Irene will use a range of interventions and techniques to enable you to feel the core of the issue.

More deep trauma can be addressed as well. In a safe environment old pains can be felt. You are here now, you can take care of yourself in a loving way now. Independent of the past and of what the outside world has on offer.

Being happy is a choice we can learn to make ourselves.

Once you have this insight you can remind yourself, time and time again. You can rely on your inner compass.

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