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Consulting in internationalisation

Our society globalizes. More and more people cross borders for work, study or to live. As an organisation you notice the influx of people with different nationalities. You like to respond to this changing environment.

The first question is why would you adapt.

Then, how, when or how much do you need to adapt?

Your intercultural consultant will ask you following questions before she will find the solutions together with you.

  • Why do you want this change

  • How important is this audience for you

  • How much time do you have for the change

  • How much would you like or can you spend on this transformation

  • Do you have expertise on the subject in-house

  • Can you maintain the newly made changes

  • Is your organisation fit for this add-on

  • How far do you like or can you go

  • and more..

For every person and organisation the outcome will be different. There is no one ideal result. But we will use a framework to structure the transformation.

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