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Welcome to my website

Are you looking for a life and career coach with an international perspective?


Are you looking for a trainer who can tell you all about cultural awareness or who can help you with employment in the Netherlands?


Would you like advice on what is needed to make your organisation more international friendly?

And would you like to work with a person

for whom is making meaningful connections the most natural thing?

If your answer is yes, please contact me.

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About Irene

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“I don’t see myself as a person who knows better, who knows more, who knows what to do or always has the right answer or solution.

Of course, I have seen a lot, experienced a lot, I went through deep healing processes, learned a lot, and have done a lot too. In various countries and in various fields. This makes me a well-seasoned human being.

But I think the most valuable realisation that came out of this is that I truly belief there is nothing more or better for me to do than to be a means for someone else to find his, hers or their organisation’s own best way of doing things.

Everybody knows themselves best, every manager or employee knows best how to be most successful. It is often a matter of digging it up, trusting it and acting upon it.

I refer, link, listen, understand, use all my senses and ask the right questions towards a guide for their best future.”

Coaching, training and consulting

Coaching and Training

Your coach/trainer/ helps you to identify, analyse and solve issues regarding:

  • Difficult relationships at work

  • Situations of stress

  • Lower self-confidence

  • A blockage in a situation of change

  • Difficulties to reach your goals

  • Problems to settle down in a new environment

  • Work-life balance issues

  • Difficulties to fit in your (new) role

  • When you are stuck in what decision to make

  • When you are feeling low, having no energy

Your coach/trainer assists you to:

  • Explore your potential

  • Regain your energy

  • Develop new skills

  • Discover your other talents

  • Find out what you really want

  • Feel your best

Your intercultural consultant tackles the following issues with you:

  • How to handle international clients

  • How to make international colleagues feel at home in your organisation

  • How to make your organisation interesting for international clients

  • How to handle your communication and social media towards your international audience

  • How to assist your international staff in their non-work life

  • Do I need to change my organisation when we are 'going international'




Do you want to always get invited for an interview when you have sent your C.V.?

This practical and interactive workshop raises your chances dramatically.



Preparation for an interview is the key to success.

In this workshop you will learn how to present yourself in a job interview and you will be shown techniques to feel confident during your interview.


This is a practical and interactive workshop for everybody who experiences negative stress and who likes to reduce it.


This is an interactive workshop full of self-assessment exercises to optimize your career path.

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Cultural Awareness is the ability to reflect on ourselves and becoming aware of our and other cultural values, beliefs, interactions and perceptions. 



Irene is a passionate coach with a warm sharpness, through which she swiftly gets to the core of problems and obstacles. She is helping you professionally in a personal way to find appropriate solutions and techniques to achieve a maximum and purposeful outcome. 


Through circumstances, I was in a certain stage of my life, where it was no longer clear to me what steps I wanted to take. 
In that time I had a meeting with Irene and started a coaching course with her. 
During this course I got to know Irene as a coach with whom you soon feel comfortable. Due to her specific, professional and own way of coaching and her wide life experience, she gets quickly to the heart of your problem in a non-scholastic way. The end result is a solution that the client has developed him/herself. Irene is, during this process, present unnoticeable, at one time as someone who is accompanying you, and at other times as a mirror, but throughout she is keeping the process of change in her hands. 
I experienced Irene’s way of coaching as very valuable, and the course has given me many insights and helped me to make my choices.

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