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Why coaching

Today’s people choose to broaden their horizons, to explore the vast possibilities the globe has to offer. You are crossing borders to reside elsewhere.

The world is in your reach. Most of the time you manage perfectly well and are more than able to deal with all the big changes and differences you constantly come across. However, a little support and a nudge in the right direction when you get stuck or need new skills is much appreciated and sometimes necessary. 

Martens Mondial Coaching & Consulting
helps you build and trust your inner compass to use on your journey of life.

A good intercultural coach has a tailor-made approach to all issues you come accross regarding trans-national and intercultural interactions. She understands what it is to move and to settle in a new environment. 

An experienced trainer will be able to teach you new skills and shows you how to deal with different cultures (in a company or team). 

She can be a valuable contribution when you are looking for professional support to deal with obstacles at work or in your personal life. 

She can help maximise your work and life potential and to let the qualities you already have, emerge to the fullest.

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