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Irene Martens

Irene has worked, studied and lived abroad for 19 years with much pleasure. She lived in the Far-East, Middle-East and Europe. Through her eager and positive attitude towards people Irene gained a lot of understanding of intercultural interactions.


”We might not be the same on the outside, we come from different cultures, but in fact we all want the same: live a happy and healthy life.”

Irene has worked as an event manager and entrepreneur in different countries. ”Through my circumstances I had to and could invent my own work. From event management to teaching, from travel management to expat spouse advice. In Oman I started a dance school which is still active nowadays. I always have been working with people from all nationalities. This is normal for me. I finished many projects together in international teams and later on managing international teams. "The one to one meetings, to really get to know the other person and helping them to be at their best, interested me so much that I went into coaching and training when I came back to the Netherlands."

2018-11-14 irene stoel kl.jpg

Irene started her coaching practice in 2010. She is a certified coach and trainer and had an education under the ’European Quality Award’. 

  • Certified Coach.

  • NOBCO and CEDEO recognised.

  • HBO Registered.

  • Educated under the ’European Quality Award’.

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